The Best Eyecare Examination For You

As a local independent Optometrists we provide a full, thorough & comprehensive Eye Health Examination. This concentrates on giving our patients the best Eye Care possible. Our experienced Optometrist is always on hand to give you extra time, advice & assistance as needed.


Test Appointments

Eye Health & Test Appointments can take up to 45 minutes to give our patients time for a thorough consultation.

Fundus Photography

Our Fundus Photography uses one of the latest automated Cameras. This enables us to store images for direct comparison over many years which allows us to note any subtle changes in your eyes health and is priced at just £10

Visual Fields

We offer visual field screening as part of your sight test. This is used to detect and monitor Glaucoma and other conditions by testing your peripheral vision.

Pressure Check

If you have found your previous ‘puff air’ pressure checks uncomfortable our new I Care Tonometer makes this part of the test easy and comfortable for the patient

Additional Services

We offer additional consultation appointments for URGENT Eye Health issues. Conditions commonly treated include Flashing Lights & Floaters, Sudden reduced vision, Dry Eye and Blepharitis. 

Lens Choice

Single vision or Multifocal, hard coat or reflection free, transitions or polarised, office or drive wear lenses we have lenses to suit your every need.

All these options have benefits to suit YOU the wearer and our experienced team are here to give you honest impartial advice to help you make the correct choice to suit YOUR needs.

Technology has improved dramatically in recent years and the latest lenses can offer the best solution to solve your visual needs. With this in mind we access lenses from all the major suppliers, Essilor, Kodak, Zeiss, Hoya etc.

Our Team

Katherine Williams

BSc McOptom

Our happy customers…

Where to find us

Eyedeal Eyecare is located on the corner of Bromsgrove High Street & New Road at B61 8HQ …. Just look out for our arched windows showing our latest designer frames